Welcome to NCP: Meet the Teacher Day

Our 2015-16 school year has officially begun! Yesterday and today were Meet the Teacher Days!DSC04086 (640x480)

DSC04113 (640x480) DSC04111 (640x480) DSC04107 (640x480)DSC04110 (480x640)

DSC04109 (640x480)  DSC04106 (640x480) DSC04105 (640x480) DSC04103 (640x480) DSC04101 (640x480) DSC04095 (640x480) DSC04088 (640x480)DSC04085 (640x480) DSC04082 (640x480) DSC04070 (480x640) DSC04069 (640x480) DSC04067 (640x480) DSC04066 (640x480)


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