Road Rally ….Hooray!

Each year, as the spring arrives, we celebrate the great outdoors with our annual Road Rally for each class.  This year, sunshine filled the skies and joy filled our hearts as we road our bikes and favorite riding toys around our “race tracks”.  Thanks to many parents who came to help, we had a wonderful time riding laps, eating yummy snacks, filling up with gas, sipping drinks and earning streamers to our bikes and helmets!  A sure highlight of the year!

DSC01884 (640x480) DSC01877 (640x480) DSC01872 (640x480) DSC01869 (640x480) DSC01868 (640x480) DSC01837 (640x480) DSC01820 (640x480) DSC01807 (640x480) DSC01764 (640x480) DSC01756 (480x640) DSC01738 (640x480)

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