Super Spring Fest!

Despite a damp, chilly and rainy day, we celebrated Earth Day and Arbor Day at our Spring Fest in a big way!  Children enjoyed so many wonderful earth day activities that focused on gardening, composting, recycling and how that relates to living a Godly life.  We finished out the day by teaming up to plant a new cherry tree at our playground area and then had lunch inside on picnic blankets.  A special thanks to Arlene Carpenter and Elise Graybill from Rorher Seeds in Smoketown, PA for the amazing activities they added to our Spring Fest.  We are blown away by their generosity and loved for our God!

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Road Rally ….Hooray!

Each year, as the spring arrives, we celebrate the great outdoors with our annual Road Rally for each class.  This year, sunshine filled the skies and joy filled our hearts as we road our bikes and favorite riding toys around our “race tracks”.  Thanks to many parents who came to help, we had a wonderful time riding laps, eating yummy snacks, filling up with gas, sipping drinks and earning streamers to our bikes and helmets!  A sure highlight of the year!

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Eastland Alpacas, Here we Come!

During our Animal Unit, we were lucky enough to visit the Eastland Alpaca Farm in Mt. Joy!  What a wonderful field trip to learn about, pet, feed and interact with these furry creatures!  As you can see they are very tame and quite lovable!                                                                                                                                                       Alpaca Farm (16) (640x480) Alpaca Farm (5) (480x640) DSC01681 (640x480) DSC01680 (640x480) Alpaca Farm (11) (480x640) Alpaca Farm (10) (480x640)

Egg-stra Special Day!

One way to celebrate Easter is with breakfast and an egg hunt.  NCP joined in on the fun at LMUMChurch to help with crafts and activities right before Easter. DSC01531 (640x480)DSC01532 (480x640) DSC01520 (640x480) DSC01517 (640x480) 20160319_111433_HDR (360x640) 20160319_111353_HDR (360x640) 20160319_111046_HDR (360x640)

A Visit from the Fire Fighters

Thanks to the Manheim Township Fire Department, our students got to learn all about these huge fire trucks, climb inside and watch a real fire fighter get dressed in all his gear!  We learned about calling 911 in an emergency, how to set e our home if it were on fire!  Thanks to all the fire fighters who came out to help from Neffsville Fire Station!20160321_100238_HDR (360x640)Firefighter Visit (20) (360x640) Firefighter Visit (10) (480x640) Firefighter Visit (1) (640x480) DSC01599 (640x480) DSC01589 (640x480) 20160321_100941_HDR (360x640)

Up, Up & Away! Open House 2016

We were blessed with a beautiful but chilly day to welcome many families to our Open House on Saturday, Feb. 27.  It was great to see so many NCP families come and show off their school to friends and extended family members.  It was also wonderful to meet so many new parents and children who came to see why NCP is such a special place!  We were so thrilled to give tours, answer questions, provide snacks, crafts and share our great preschool with so many.  Matt Heywood’s balloon creations were spectacular and a real hit too!

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Valentine’s Day Parties

One of our favorite traditions at NCP is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day with special people we love!  There were plenty of smiles, hugs and kisses this year as grandparents, aunts, uncles, moms and dads joined us for our Valentine’s Day parties!
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5 Senses Days

Learning about the amazing world God gave us through our 5 senses, was definitely a great part of our winter activities.  Mary Ann Schlegel, from the Lanc. County Parks Dept. brought many things, found in nature, for us to see, smell, taste, touch and hear.  DSC01326DSC01328IMG_8639 DSC01321 DSC01320 DSC01310 DSC01309 DSC01308 DSC01307 DSC01306 DSC01305 DSC01303 DSC01297 DSC01293 DSC01290 DSC01287 DSC01286


Celebrating Jesus’ Birthday

DSC01148 DSC01149 DSC01151 DSC01158 DSC01162 DSC01164 DSC01165 DSC01169 DSC01170 DSC01173 image3(2) IMG_9105One of our favorite celebrations here at NCP is when we can have a BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR JESUS.  Our day begins with a school-wide puppet show and chance to sing Christmas songs together around the Nativity.  Then each class has a birthday celebration for our dear Savior, Jesus Christ.