Virtual Tour

Neffsville Christian Preschool has some very unique and special opportunities for the children who come here.  We have many rooms that all the children visit everyday that they attend.  Each room has a different developmental focus, therefore it has varied manipulatives, activities, toys, centers and areas to investigate.  The best way to see our school is to come for a visit.  That way  you and your child can get to know our loving teachers, clean and cheerful rooms, safe environment and “flow” of the morning.  But in the meantime, sit back and come with us on a tour…

THE ENTRANCE AND NCP PARENT SCOOP BOARD:  We like to highlight the many NCP activities going on throughout the year on our front door bulletin board.  Our staff is also pictured to help you recognize the women who work here.  At the top of the first steps is our NCP Parent Scoop board to help keep you informed of what’s happening each week and in the community.  We also have a parent library filled with books pertaining to successfully raising children in the 21st century!

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THE ARTS AND CRAFTS AREA: Each room has a place to be creative and explore art mediums, build with play dough, use small motor skills with wooden blocks, small manipulatives and draw at the easels.

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THE DRAMATIC PLAY AREA : Each room has a place to play “Pretend” with a house/restaurant, dress up clothes, a kitchen, nursery, and a carpeted area to make tracks and unique creations!

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THE 5 YEAR OLD PRE-K CLASSROOM:  All the same areas, just in a more Kindergarten-like atmosphere and space.  Room for early literacy stations, as well.

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THE SNACK ROOM: A clean and inviting room to eat a healthy snack that we provide each day.  All food allergies are carefully monitored.  Also where our Lunch Bunch takes place 2X per month. ** During COVID-19, however, children are eating and drinking snacks/water brought from home in their classrooms while socially distanced.**

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THE SOCIAL HALL: A large indoor space to move those large motor muscles.  Also an area for our gym class once a month. On any given day, children on bikes, trikes, scooters and riding toys go whizzing by.  We have monthly puppet shows down here as well as  a sensory table, discovery zone, a quiet corner, and indoor playground apparatus.  When the weather cooperates, we play outside at our playground.

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If you like what you see, please call Carol Zartman at 717-560-5575 to set up a time when you and your preschooler can tour the school.  We are happy to share the great things that are happening at our school with you.